Foaled in Germany (1996-2022 ) and bred by Heinrich Lahmeyer, Rodioso stood 16.1 and had lovely fluid gaits. He was approved by the GOV in 1999 and achieved scores of '10' on character, '9' on conformation and '8' on temperament and ridability. He had a superb show record both in hand, being named Grand Champion Stallion at The Devon Horse Show in 2001 and showing thru Grand Prix Dressage. He earned 3 USDF Bronze Medals and 2 USDF Silver Medals for Derby Farms' students and achieved the Gold Medal scores for his owner, Pamela Pentz.


Rodioso was a Class I licensed Oldenburg Stallion. His pedigree was outstanding on both the top and bottom exhibiting lovely gaits and wonderful temperament which he has passed on to numerous offsping. He sired over 65 foals in his lifetime of which 80% went Premium!

Frozen Semen is available by private treaty.